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Imagine a world where there is no Wi-Fi - a world where phones can’t connect within seconds or laptops lose mobility. It sounds impossible in this day and age, but this is a possibility when a Wi-Fi router goes down, and suddenly you’re forced to find your internet jack to connect again. When the convenience of Wi-Fi is lost, madness sets in as Brisbane residents battle families and housemates for a chance to get online. One port and many devices is recipe for discord.

So what is the solution? It is simple, with the right data cabling and extra internet points in the home, the chaos can be controlled.

Lumin8 Electrical in Brisbane Northside are able to install data cables as well as extra internet points.

Having a professional install data cables ensures that you don’t have to deal with a mess of cables behind your desk – instead everything is neatly laid out with cables untangled and properly fed throughout the home without being eyesore. When data cabling is done at a residential home, or in a commercial property, no matter the size it is vital to provide a network map in order to trace where each and every wire and cable goes and belongs.
Extra internet points in the home means that should Wi-Fi not be an option, more than one device can be connected to the internet. Secondly, it can also extend Wi-Fi ranges should the layout of a house block signals or be too large for a single wireless router to connect everyone.

It is not just any commercial electrician in Brisbane that can install extra internet points and do data cabling. It takes a skill set that is learned, as well as an innate ability to understand how to install the cables neatly and out of sight. Our contractors take the utmost care when installing data cables including a minimum amount of drilling to feed cables through as well as bundling cables together neatly for easy identification and removal if need be. Before reaching out to an electrician to find out about your internet and cabling needs in Brisbane, it is essential to determine which type of data cabling will be required.

Determining the data requirements depends on what Brisbane is wired for, as well as the needs of the home owner. The three most popular types of data cabling is ADSL, Cable Modems or Fiber Optics. The most commonly used type is ADSL, as this is the easiest to install by using existing telephone cabling, and it is able to separate handsets and modems – making it possible to use both at the same time. In order to feed this type of connection to all devices that require connection, LAN cabling will be required, and Electricians in Brisbane Northside will be able to install this throughout the home.

Data & Communication Electrician North Brisbane

Data & Communication Electrician North Brisbane

Data & Communication Electrician North Brisbane

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