Indoor/Outdoor Lighting Electrician North Brisbane

Still working with what was considered high end design on the Brisbane lighting scene back in the ‘70s? While vintage may be all the rage and fringed leather jackets are in abundance, it does not extend to outdated light fittings that may zap your hair back into the popular ‘fro state of eras past. Perhaps it is time to reach out to Lumin8 Electrical electricians in Brisbane and on the Brisbane Northside to find out how lighting has evolved over the last four decades. After all what is so bad about modernizing your home with a new lighting installation and replacement?

Has it really changed that much?
In recent times a lot of research and time has gone into creating energy efficient lighting solutions for homes in Brisbane. A prime example of this is LED lighting – a low energy form of illumination that is slowly lighting Brisbane.

Lighting is no longer just a fitting and a bulb, it has become an integral part of home décor. Light bulbs are designed with a variety of shapes and shades. Chandeliers can now feature in any dining room and are no longer limited to hotel ballrooms and the bedrooms of the rich and famous, thanks to innovative lighting installations and creative electricians in Brisbane.

It is not only lighting that has evolved, but the way we control our lights. Modern day systems can be controlled from a smartphone app or a panel in every room – no more checking all the lights before bedtime, with one simple move it can be goodnight Brisbane lights.

So what’s the benefit besides a showcase home?
Replacing your lighting may lead to reduction in electricity bills, allowing your more time at home enjoying your new rig instead of hashing it out with electricity providers in Brisbane.

Switching to a modernised lighting system can extend the lifetime of your light bulbs – filaments will no longer be at the mercy of electric currents that surge through them in uncontrolled bursts.

When working with a qualified electrician in Brisbane Northside, they are able to provide you with tips, tricks and advice on creating the safest lighting installation in your home. Remember: this is not a DIY project, always make use of lighting suppliers in Brisbane for safety’s sake (and that of your Electrical Safety Certificate for your home).

6. So how do I go about it?
Always ensure that a reputable electrician assesses your lighting needs before starting any installation or replacement process.

Research the type of lighting you would want in your home i.e. bright lighting, soft lighting, adjustable lighting or even motion detected lighting. The choice is yours.

Ask your friends who they reached to out for electrical services in Brisbane, the best way to know if you are getting enough glow for your dough is to listen to word of mouth.

Indoor Outdoor Lighting Electrician North Brisbane

Indoor Outdoor Lighting Electrician North Brisbane

Indoor Outdoor Lighting Electrician North Brisbane

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